Why do successful companies focus on reducing human error?

Up to 96% of workplace errors involve human factors – making the reduction of human errors the most significant opportunity for performance improvement.

We provide companies with a proven, scientific process for minimising human error in the workplace.


Cleaning and clearance errors reduced:

  • by 72% – worth $550,000

Maintenance downtime reduced:

  • by 88% – worth $541,000

Yield increased:

  • by 3.5% – worth $2.6 million (due to better equipment setups)

Most human error is the result of predictable patterns of human behavior. We will teach you a scientific and proven method for managing and reducing the incidence of human error in your operations.

Gain powerful insights into why human errors occur and how you and your management team can reduce these errors and their resulting impact on your production, quality, safety and costs.

“This was the most valuable information I’ve learned in the last 20 years”

-Vp Mfg, global pharmaceutical producer

“Excellent… provided scientific research with real connection to workplace issues”

-C.I. Director, International component manufacturer

“Outstanding! Would highly recommend it to anyone in management”

-Ops Director, consumer good manufacturer

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